15 Min Whole Body Work Out

How could my beautiful clients fit in a little workout while holidaying?

This is what I was thinking when I created this mini-standing workout which is suitable for just about everyone as long as you listen to your body and you’re not carrying any injuries.

You see I wanted to make sure you had an option to work out, should you feel like it. So, I created a short whole body workout for you. This is a mini-workout targeting your legs, bum, arms, and core with zero equipment.

Click on the video below and enjoy some movement, no matter where you are!


  • Always please listen to your body and work within your range.
  • If something doesn’t agree with you please repeat the previous exercise until you can join the workout again.
  • Make sure you exercise in a safe non-slippery surface and ensure you have plenty of space to move.
  • If you’re pregnant please only use 70% of your range and if you feel any pelvic sensations please stop the exercise.

Have a lovely time unplugging and letting your hair down 😎

With love and sunshine  XX


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