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Being a parent or pregnant during these uncertain times can be plenty stressful.

I’ve had so many clients share their frustration with all the conflicting COVID information floating on the web. From fake news, social media misinformation and rumors to debates on the latest conspiracy theory. The thing is if you search the web you can find “proof” for just about anything…

So where does that leave parents and pregnant women?

This information chaos can be overwhelming for everyone and especially for parents or pregnant women. Feeling stuck between uncertainty and constant change not knowing what and who to believe. And before  I go on, let me highlight that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Parenthood and pregnancy can be overwhelming in the best times, let alone during our current situation. But it’s not all downhill! We need to stay up to date and at the same time be mindful not to COVID overload our minds. So my advice is quality over quantity. Use a few reliable sources you can trust and avoid investing time in every single thing that gets thrown at you.

Mama & Family Info List

To help you, I’ve put together a list of reliable sources to refer to depending on the COVID info you’re seeking, including sources for:

  • Being pregnant during COVID
  • How to explain COVID to your child.
  • Mental health resources

And you can access the list by clicking here.

I hope this helps, take care of yourself and your little ones.

With love and support,


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