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Connect with your body

Listen to your body, work within your range, and enjoy the transformation process.

Our Classes
Pilates  –  Barre  –  Yoga

We are a boutique Pilates (mixed equipment including Reformer), Yoga, and Barre studio devoted to female wellness. We are nested in the Northern Beaches, Sydney, and are dedicated to supporting you through all the chapters of your health. Wellement is your personal women’s sanctuary where you can take time out to focus on you, inhale female energy, and ground yourself.

Prenatal & Postnatal

From menarche to menopause, prenatal to postnatal we’re here to guide you through your wellness journey. Our Prenatal programs keep you moving and help you connect with your baby. And our Postnatal programs guide you to safely return to exercise after you give birth.

The Wellement Difference

Women's Wellness

Exercise according to the stages of your menstrual cycle and the seasons of your womanhood. From menarche to menopause and everything in between.


Wellement is your own sanctuary filled with feminine energy. A place to meet like-minded women to share wisdom and support each other.

Small Classes

Boutique personable classes of maximum 4 people! Ensuring you receive the attention you need and you don’t get lost in the crowd.


Our schedule offers Pre/Postnatal classes as well as Mums & Bubs classes, to support you in your pregnancy journey and beyond.

Qualified Instructors

Diploma qualified instructors with pre and postnatal certifications who can support you throughout your wellness journey.

Wellness Hub

We work with women from many fields to nurture your wellness, from Fertility Traditional Chinese Medicine to Massage Therapists, Naturopaths and so much more.

Feel supported and comfortable in our semi-private classes of max 4 people!

Where to find us - Northern Beaches

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